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LPC11Uxx/LPC1347 Code Base Update

Sunday, June 16, 2013
The blog has been pretty quiet lately, but development on the LPC11U24/LPC11U37/LPC1347 Code Base is still very active.  There are some known bugs and a lot of gaps to fill in, but things are coming together wirh USB support including multiple classes, a growing driver library, and plenty of boring plumbing code to get the essentials out of the way so you don't have to.

Working on a project yourself with the LPC11U24/LPC11U37/LPC1347?  We'd be glad to have some more people kick the tires in on the code base, since more eyeballs is almost always a good thing.

Some of the current 'outstanding' issues are:

- The sensor abstraction layer is a move in the right direction, making it easy to switch similar sensors in an out and get sensible SI units out, but the API still need some thought, and there's a need for a lot of helper code for common sensor types.  For example, some helper functions for pressure sensors were recently added to calculate altitude (etc.), but similar code needs to be added for gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, color sensors, etc., to make it easier for people to perform useful tasks with the raw sensor data.  This API and abstraction layer is something sorely missing from most embedded projects I've seen, and if you have anything to contribute here it's bound to have a lot of benefit to a wide variety of people since any code added here is very easily ported to other platforms and projects.
stdio.c needs to have %f support added when working with float
- I'm interested in adding some more basic DSP-type filters for simple signal processing
- And of course ... new sensor drivers are always welcome!

Note: Be sure to look at the development branch for the latest code, rather than the default Master branch on github.

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LPC1347/LPC11U37 Update

Sunday, January 20, 2013
LPC 1347/LPC11U37 Wireless Test Boards

I finally found a few minutes to test the latest PCBs for the LPC11U37/LPC1347 and I'm pretty happy with both the test HW and the code base itself.  I think it's a significant improvement over any of the previous code bases posted here, and I think it should be a good starting point for projects moving forward.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the flexibility offered by the (essentially) pin and register compatible LPC11U24, LPC11U37 and LPC1347.  This trio leaves a lot of room to maneuver optimizing for flash size, performance, price or package size with almost no extra SW development effort.  Making a code base that makes that as painless as possible took a bit of effort, but at least it's a one time expenditure.

I don't want to post many details until the code base is ready to go live, but I think it's all come together pretty well so far, and I hope it will be a decent starting point for a lot of people.  It'll definitely make things easier here to get prototypes off the ground in days or weeks rather than weeks or months.

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