What happened to the microBuilder.eu Store?!

We're happy to announce that starting the 1 May, 2011, sales of our most popular microBuilder.eu products will be handled exclusively by Adafruit.com

Coming Soon!

We've been extremely grateful for the community support that we've received through direct sales on the website, but we'd love to get back to the original idea that motivated us to create this site in the first place: teaching people about electronics, and providing HW and SW reference designs to help you build your own products!  Partnering with adafruit.com for sales of our key products lets us focus our limited time and resources on what we do best, and ensures a better experience for our existing customers.

Adafruit.com contributes an enormous amount of know-how and support to the OSHW community, and offers some of the best service and support we've come across, so we're extremely happy to team up with them.  We hope you'll continue to support OSHW by supporting companies like Adafruit, and look forward to working with them on a number of new and ongoing projects.