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LPC1343 Code Base Now Accessible

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We've published the LPC1343 Code Base to allow people to test out the software, though it's still a 'work-in-progress'.  Until an official release is published, no guarantees can be made about the method signatures or features included, and there are a few known issues with the current code (the included Chibi drivers for the AT86RF212 do not currently compile from the command-line using GCC, for example, and there are a number of improvements that need to be made to the PMU code).  An initial version of the LPC1343 Code Base Documentation is also available online, as well as a tutorial: Setting up a GCC Development Environment for the Cortex M0/M3.

The subversion repository also contains project files for CodeLite C/C++ IDE (open-source) and Crossworks for ARM 2.0 (commercial but GCC-based).  Both tools are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

A big thank to Roel Verdult for providing the make file and generic startup code and linker script, which are also compatible with LPC1100 (Cortex-M0) and LPC1700 (Cortex-M3) families.  In the future, we will try to provide one common code base for the entire LPC1000 family, but for the moment the LPC1100 and LPC1300 software libraries are maintained seperately.  The LPC1100 Code Base should be publish in the coming weeks, once the code can be modified to make use of the startup files provided by Roel.

Roel has also provided an open-source tool to fix the checksum on binaries that will be used with the LPC1343's USB Bootloader.  The source code is provided in the "tools/lpcrc" folder, and a compiled binary version for Windows (32-bit) is available in the root folder.  Once the binary file is built using 'make', you simply need to run the lpcrc.exe tool with the name of the .bin file and then upload it to the LPC1343 via the USB bootloader. For example:

lpcrc firmware.bin

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